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  • Our drug testing products are 99.99% accurate for showing the presence of over 12 most commonly abused drugs.
  • We offer urine and saliva tests for maximum efficiency.
  • You will know for sure if your loved one is using illicit substances.
  • Administer the test safely and comfortably in the privacy of your own home.
  • Attractive and affordable pricing with constant special offers will keep you coming back for more.


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One of the solutions to substance abuse in families and individuals is strict supervision along with regular drug testing to ensure that your loved one is not using or does not have a re-occurring relapse. Regular drug testing adds a level of accountability that builds structure and stability for the addicted.

Our mission is to offer families and individuals with affordable and accurate urine and saliva drug testing kits that will arrive safely and discreetly with an ultra fast turnaround time for your convenience that offer instant results when used as directed.

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By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Loved Ones Will Stay Drug Free

  • You can rest assured that your loved one will no longer be hiding drug abuse while under your strict supervision and the help of our premier urine and saliva drug testing kits.

No More Expensive Office Visits

  • You can administer our drug screening kits right from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Say goodbye to the days of shameful office visits with your loved one. 

Instant Results - NO Waiting!

  • The results from our urine and saliva drug testing kits are very fast, exact, and incredibly accurate. You will know right away if your loved one is on the right track.
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With ExactDrugTest.com, your worries can finally be over. Our affordable and reliable drug testing kits are being used all over the country with incredible success. Your loved one can no longer pull a fast one on you. The lies and deceit end when you bring rules and accountability into the family structure. Now you have the ability to monitor and help your addicted loved ones by providing guidance and support.


John | Developer

My daughter struggled with sniffing pain pills for many years, hiding the habit from us and destroying our family. We finally gave her an ultimatum: take these weekly urine drug tests or leave the house. She religiously passed every screening and even began to attend twelve step meetings. This website has blessed our lives. The pricing is affordable, the shipping is very fast and discreet, the order process is super easy, and the tests are perfectly accurate...what more do you need?

Heather | Writer

Thank you for saving my life.  At first, I hated these saliva tests, but now the accountability has taught me to live a life without the use of drugs. My parents don't even drug test me anymore because they trust me now! It seemed like they always had an endless supply so I guess that's a good thing...and just a warning...you can't beat these saliva oral fluids tests by diluting them with water or other adulterants...doesn't work...I tried!


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